About Parth Consultants

Founded in 1992, Parth Consultants Inc. (PCI) provides a complete array of Information Technology services including strategic planning, e-commerce development, client/server development, systems integration, Knowledge Management and Networking Solutions. We serve large and mid-size clients in the financial services, insurance, healthcare and other industries, many of them being fortune 500 companies.

We provide unmatched staffing flexibility for projects. This translates to unmatched pricing flexibility for our clients. We can complete projects with any combination of onsite, onshore or offshore resources.

For projects executed completely offshore we can offer 40%-60% cost savings compared to similar projects executed in the U.S. This translates to concrete bottom-line savings for established firms and superior return on capital for high growth firms.

All resources dedicated to your projects are full time Parth employees who have withstood rigorous selection and training programs. Nearly all of our offshore employees are certified by Oracle, Sun, IBM or Microsoft in the latest Internet technologies.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to become a global leader and well respected consulting company by providing complete and quality solutions for the ever-changing information technology industry.