PARTH’s vision is to create, develop and implement with our end customers ​and partners innovative, meaningful analytics on the data they generate anywhere ​in their enterprise, cloud, data center, client and edge devices and ​sensors.

Big Data and Data Analytics Enablement Services

Our experts will guide you in your Big Data / Data Analytics journey

  1. Big Data / Data Analytics advisory
  2. Certified, knowledgeable and experienced team to help you
  3. Expertise in Financial Services, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Telecom, Retail, Energy, Manufacturing and many industrial segments – We have worked on many use cases in each of these segments and bring wealth of knowledge
  4. We understand your business needs and can design / develop / implement either canned or custom build the solutions to enable you on your Big Data / Data Analytics needs
  5. Our training can help you in every step of the way – whether you are a novice or a seasoned IT professional

Cloud Support Services

  1. Migration Services - Migrate from on-prem to Cloud.  Migrating Cloud is a big undertaking – let our experts help you get there
  2. Developer Services - Develop Solutions on all major Cloud Service providers including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Oracle Cloud
  3. Support Services – on site or remote support, 24x7 in all GEOs
  4. Managed Services – Provide *aaS on various platforms: SaaS, PaaS, DCaaS via working with our partner sites

Optimization Services

We help you optimize your application on or off-prem to run at its best on a given platform

  1. Optimize at Platform Level
  2. Optimize at Application Level
  3. Optimize at Micro-Architecture Level
  4. Iterate this process to maximize application performance

Integration Services

  1. Our integration experts help you develop your solution architecture via integrating the best Hardware, Software and Infrastructure components
  2. Examples: SAP-HANA & Hadoop integration, SPARK, Streaming SQL, Docker Containers, and Power-BI
  3. Develop innovative solutions to solve your business problems

Analytics Platform

Ideas To Understanding in Minutes

  1. PARTH’s Analytics Platform integrates structured and unstructured data and creates intuitive actionable insight and foresight.
  2. PARTH’s generates integration and analysis services
  3. Connect to analysis services using Excel or PARTH’s frontend
  4. Deploy with a click
  5. Learn more about PARTH’s Analytics Platform

Parth and Sentiment Analytics

  1. PARTH’s ideas to improve customer experiences
  2. Sentiment analysis is transformational - improves efficiency, reduces cost and improves customer satisfaction
  3. Plugs in to PARTH’s Analytics Platform
    1. Data input to innovLytics Data Integration Platform from real time chat feed or saved customer data
    2. Hadoop core provides scalability to analyze any size data set
    3. Visualization on iOS, Android and Windows clients

PARTH’s Connected Vineyard Platform

  1. PARTH’s End-to-end Analytics Platform delivers the Connected Vineyard and provide analytics on the collected data powered by Artificial Intelligence
  2. Monitor Vineyard - pH, humidity, soil moisture, temperature, leaf wetness, ambient light, spray and fertilizer recommendations  and more
  3. Connected Vineyard Platform launching in Q2 2017

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Ideas to understanding in minutes.  Gain insights.  Convert data to knowledge.  Advanced analytics made easy.